What we can do

When you have a large or bulky item which needs moved we can help you – all you have to do is put it on a pallet!

Delivery on PalletExamples of what can be put on a pallet

  • Heavy electrical appliances
  • Furniture
  • Machines
  • Engines
  • Car parts
  • Animal feeds
  • Cookers
  • Large equipment
  • Building products
  • Tonne bags
  • Household goods
  • Heavy parts

And many, many more large items which would be impossible to post. Click here to see our “How to Palletise” video.

Once an item has been put on a pallet (wrapped and securely held in position with ratchet straps or strong rope and with the delivery address clearly visible) it is then able to be collected and our professional logistics teams will make sure it reaches its destination.

where01A pallet measures 1metres x 1.2metres x 2metres and the maximum weight on one pallet is 1000kgs.

Overhang on the pallet is not allowed. Any overhang may be charged by our contractors and therefore we must enforce the “no overhang rule”!

See How to Expand Your Business for more information on how we can help you grow your business….

Items Not On A Pallet? No problem!

putting-it-on-a-palletWe are happy to add new services for customers who need items shipped which are not on pallets.

We can offer the following services:

  • Motorbike collection UK to Ireland / Ireland to UK
  • Car Collection / Car Transport UK to Ireland / Ireland to UK
  • Go Kart / Lawnmower / Beach Buggy / Golf Buggy transport  UK to Ireland / Ireland to UK
  • Complete House Moves –  UK to Ireland / Ireland to UK
  • Furniture collection – new sofas –  UK to Ireland / Ireland to UK

mercedes-sprinter-inside-van-man-hireDoesn’t ship to Northern Ireland? We can collect and deliver anything you need to NI

Contact us to discuss your bespoke transport job: info@putitonapallet.com or call.