New Video!!! How to Palletise

We decided to produce a Put It On A Pallet Video showing you how to put your items onto a pallet and how to secure it and make it ready for collection.

We asked Steven Spielberg to shoot it but he was busy making the new Star Wars movies so thanks to Danny Joyce Photography for filling in. 

At  we collect and deliver your cargo on pallets… door-door… anywhere in Europe. And we also ship to international ports.

Watch the short video to see how to palletise multiple items and once its ready like this we can collect using a lorry and a tail lift / pallet truck and deliver anywhere you want… each pallet can weigh up too 1000kilos and each pallet space is 1.2m x 1m x 2m (w h d)


Call 02892 042655 to get started or email us at or directly from our website