Put It On A Pallet – New services available!

Putting it on a pallet

Putting it on a pallet

We can now offer a comprehensive palletising service anywhere in Northern Ireland. This means that we will send a man in a van over to you with a pallet, shrink wrap, professional ratchet straps and an address label to prepare your goods for collection and entry into our pallet network.

Unlike network drivers, our man can help lift your items onto the pallet and will bring all the necessary items needed for professional palletising to ensure your goods are well wrapped and secured onto a good pallet for shipping.

All items sent through the pallet networks must be properly palletised and this new service means that even if you cannot put it on a pallet yourself, we can now do it for you.

Call the office for more information on our comprehensive palletising service on 02892 042655, prices start at £35+vat per pallet.

If you want to palletise yourself, we have made you a “How to Palletise” video which you can watch here.