Put It On A Pallet at The Palace!

It’s not every day that you get an invitation to Buckingham Palace to attend a garden party so when the opportunity came we just had to go!

The Princes Trust 40th Anniversary was the occasion, and given the support we have enjoyed from the Trust (since before we even started trading) it was an honour to go and meet other volunteers and young people who have been helped by the Trust.

Put It On A Pallet director Tony Rodgers was first in line for afternoon finger food and to be honest that particular tent was visited on several occasions throughout the day, with the salmon being the pick of the bunch, closely followed by the mini cakes with a crown on top. The tea tasted particularly sweet in the London sunshine, and the company wasn’t bad either. In attendance were Rolling Stones, Spice Girls, James Bond, Damien Lewis, and Brian May from Queen amongst many other familiar faces. The actual Queen was upstairs but didn’t come out to play. Prince Charles spent most of the afternoon meeting guests in the garden but we were busy having fun with Mr Reggae Reggae Sauce Levi Roots (what a cool dude!)

Other highlights included hanging out at the bizarre 200 year old gift from Napoleon , chilling in the Queens garden house, strolling along the lake and wandering in and out of the Palace itself like we owned the place.

Thanks to the Princes Trust for the invite and thanks to Buckingham Palace for the food, tea, coffee, juice, more food, more tea and more juice. And then more food.

And also we have to say thanks to all of our faithful customers and partners who make Put It On A Pallet such a great success.

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