Put It On A Pallet International!

It has been an eventful year to say the least on every front – and of course the biggest story of the year politically has been Brexit. It’s possible that there will be changes in the coming years regarding pallets shipping to and from Europe from the UK and Ireland, with even the possibility of tariffs being imposed on pallets entering the EU from the UK once Brexit is complete. We will cross that bridge if and when we come to it, but for now, we are happy to report that the fall in the value of the pound has increased our exports from Northern Ireland and the UK to a variety of places all over the world. We see it is a “UK 10-15% off” crazy sale on international ebay transactions, as the cheaper pound makes it more affordable for global clients to purchase UK products and we have been handling shipping. In the past few weeks we have shipped goods – mostly machinery – to Zambia via South Africa, Canada, Qatar, Finland and many other countries worldwide. We have also shipped pallets to many more countries within mainland Europe. including pallets to France, Germany, Spain and Poland from Ireland and the UK.

If you have a pallet or cargo you need shipped worldwide, please give us a call on 02892 042655 or email any enquiry to: info@putitonapallet.com