Palletising Essentials

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to palletise your cargo so we can send you everything you need to palletise like a professional.

Of course you are able to use your own equipment such as rope or straps, and cling film does the same job as shrink wrap when necessary, however if you want to palletise your items as safely as possible it’s always best to use professional products.

Ratchet Straps

£8+vat delivered (2 straps, each measuring 4 metres x 25mm, with hooks) Call 07835041307 to order ratchet straps

Shrink wrap

1) Standard clear shrink wrap:  £10 a roll including delivery (roll measuring 250metres x 400mm, 17 microns)

2) Black security wrap: £14 a roll including delivery (roll measuring 200 metres x 500mm, 25 microns.

Call 07835041307 to order shrink wrap.

Pallet: See Pallet Distributors