Frequently Asked Questions



Q – How can I post a heavy item?
You will need to secure the item onto a pallet. Once you have put it on a pallet you can have it collected and delivered anywhere you want in Europe by using our transport service – visit our website or call Tony on 07835041307 or 02892 042655

A – Shipping from the UK to Ireland – how do I arrange it?
Shipping large or heavy items from the UK to Ireland (shipping from England, Scotland or Wales to Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, or vice versa Ireland to UK)
Call Tony direct to arrange collection and delivery of your large or heavy items. 07835041307 or 02892 042655

Q – Buying in England and Shipping to Ireland.. How do I ship items?
A – The most efficient way to ship anything would be to Put It On A Pallet. This allows you to access the lowest shipping rates possible, as no lifting is required due to our use of tail lifts and pallet trucks. If you want to buy an item in another country, see if the seller can palletise the item securely. You may want to send them ratchet straps to ensure the load is fully secure. Then you can call us and we collect and deliver dorr to door anywhere in Europe

Q- How do I get items shipped from mainland Europe to the UK or Ireland?
A – You can access our extensive pallet network and we can deliver and collect door to door in Europe. We have excellent rates Shipping to and from: United Kingdom and Ireland , Europe > Belguim , Czech Republic , Denmark , France , Germany, Ireland , Italy , Luxembourg , Netherlands , Portugal , Slovakia and Spain .. Call Tony direct on 07835041307 to discuss shipping in Europe.

Q – How do I Put It On a Pallet?
A-Once you have decided to ship an item contact us at Put It On A We will get you the best rate possible. Then you must source your pallet. There are pallets available in every town and city in Britain / Ireland! You will find them in industrial estates, with hardware merchants, at large shops and at farms. Set your cargo on the pallet, ensuring there is no overhang. Try to get it as square as possible to the pallet. Put the ratchet straps under the pallet and over the load. Pull tight but leave a little room for cardboard or foam packaging. Strong rope may also be used.Use as much packaging as you can between the straps and the load. This will reduce the risk of damage in transit. Cardboard, carpet, foam and bubble wrap are good packaging to use. With packaging in place between the straps and the load, tighten the straps until they are tight and firm. Do not over-tighten as you can inflict damage to your goods! Cover the load with shrink-wrap or simple cling film available in any supermarket if you don’t have access to shrink wrap. Wrapping the load will add protection and keep your precious goods safe as they journey all over the land and sea. Remember that you can buy ratchet straps and shrink wrap here. Attach the delivery address to the pallet / load. This will help for obvious reasons….

Q- Who would you recommend as a cheap pallet courier service in the UK or Ireland?
A-You should always try us at as we compare prices of various other shipping companies with which we have discount accounts and then we can pass the saving on to you! We have a superb pallet distribution network and you can access the world of international or national shipping through our service. You can book online, or request a quote. or call our office on 02892 042655